DOG 2021

With speakers from various countries sharing interesting perpectives, DOG 2021 online offers an international program with numerous highlights

Besides the Keynote Lectures, the Expert Talks at DOG 2021 online are among the highlights of the conference’s English-language program. Renowned experts from Europe, the U.S., India and Singapore will outline the latest developments in their respective fields.

Speakers from the U.S. will talk about the role of hyalocytes in retinal diseases, recent advances in corneal transplantation, and anti-VEGF inhibitors as a promising new therapeutic option for diabetic retinopathy. British experts will discuss new concepts in digital medicine and glaucoma surgery. Contributions from the Netherlands focus on improvements in perimetry testing in glaucoma patients and new approaches to efficient therapy of dry AMD. The expert from Italy provides an update on the status of presbyopia correction and the significance of EDOF-IOL. From India comes a presentation of new developments in limbal stem cell transplantation. In a round table discussion, experts from France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy and Spain will debate different national gene therapy strategies.

Following each lecture, participants will have the chance to discuss the presented topics in more detail. Be part of this high-level scientific exchange and register now for DOG 2021 online!