DOG 2022 (English)

Speaker Portal

Please read carefully the following information.

The links for uploading the presentations have been sent to all speakers. If you have not received an upload link, please contact the congress organisation.

Further technical information for your contribution at the DOG 2022 can be found as follows:

Technical Briefing for Chairs and Speakers

Congress language

Congress languages are German and English. The language of the presentation slides depends on the language of the presentation. For German-language sessions please prepare the slides in German, for English-language contributions accordingly in English.

DOG on Demand

DOG on Demand is an internet portal where lectures and scientificcontributions given at the congress are stored and can be called up at any time by the attendees. Presentation slides and original sound recordings are available. The program includes all congress contributions for which the respective authors have given permission.The speakers will have to give their approval for including their presentation in DOG on Demand at the latest when submitting the presentation at the media check. It is possible to exempt parts of the presentations, e. g. slides or tables, from being presented in DOG on Demand.
The DOG thanks all speakers who agree to include their presentation into DOG on Demand.
Access is cost-free for DOG 2022 attendees. DOG on Demand is located next to the DOG Lounge.

Duration of talk

The time period for free papers is 7 minutes, plus 2 additional minutes of Talks for discussion. Videos are scheduled with 10 minutes, plus 2 minutes for discussion. The standard speaking time for presentations in symposia is 12 minutes presentation followed by 3 minutes discussion, if not otherwise specified by the session organizers. We kindly ask you to strictly adhere to this schedule. Presentations will be automatically switched off after the scheduled time of the presentation. Exceeding of speaking time will be indicated by optical signals.

Media Check

All presentations must be submitted at the Central Media Check at least 2 hours prior to the session where they are due to be presented. Speakers of early morning sessions (8:30– 9:45) must submit their
presentation already on the eve of the presentation. Speakers of early-morning sessions on Thursday are required to upload their presentation online before the congress. Presentations may be submitted on site via data carrier (USB-Stick) or online before the congress. Online submission of presentations will be possible via a separate link starting at the beginning of September (about four weeks prior to the start of the congress). All speakers will receive a separate e-mail from M-Events Cross Media GmbH with access information and instruction regarding formats and codices. All speakers are requested to submit their presentations in MS PowerPoint file (16:9) format. Presentations may contain graphic, audio and video data. Fonts should be embedded. Speakers may check and change their presentations in the Central Media Check. During the session, the speaker will access the presentation directly at the speaker’s desk, projection will be exclusively via beamer. Video projection will only be possible in the main lecture halls. Please note that it is not possible to project diapositives and overhead transparencies. Due to technical reasons, the use of private laptops will not be possible. Please note that all stored data will be
deleted irrevocably shortly after the congress!

Opening hours Media Check

The Media Check is located in Foyer 3.
Wednesday, 28. 9. 2022: 17:00 – 19:00
Donnerstag, 29. 9. 2022: 7:30 – 18:00
Freitag, 30. 9. 2022: 7:00 – 18:30
Samstag, 1. 10. 2022: 7:30 – 18:00
Sonntag, 2. 10. 2022: 8:30 – 12:30

Poster Exhibition

The posters will be arranged into groups according to their topics. Each poster will be presented in the exhibition for one day. Please hang your poster at the poster exhibition during 7:00– 8:00 on
the day of your session. The authors are supposed to take down their own posters during 17:30– 18:30 on the same day. All posters which have not been taken off by 18:30 will be removed and disposed of by
the congress staff. In case an author of “Posters of the Day” is unable to recollect the poster at the end of the congress, it will be removed by the congress staff.
The poster will only be sent back to the author by mail on request. Please provide your poster in the following size: width: 90 cm, height: 120 cm (upright format). On-site you will find appropriate
material for adherence as well as personal support.

Poster Sessions

The Poster Sessions will take place from Thursday to Saturday immediately after the lunch break from 13:45 – 14:45 and without competition from other simultaneous events. Each author will outline his or her findings in the context of a three-minute presentation. The subsequent discussion will be facilitated by two moderators. The primary author must be present in the Poster Session during which his or her poster is discussed. For this purpose, the authors must join their respective poster groups at the announced time. Posters can be presented in German or English.
To enjoy an undisturbed poster session, we are offering headsets with receivers. The poster presentation of the respective author will be transmitted via radio frequency. At several stations in the poster foyer
the necessary equipment will be handed out free of charge by our staff. Please arrive in good time prior to the start of the Poster Session.
The equipment must be returned to our staff at the end of the Poster Session to the designated stations.

Poster of the Day & Poster Award

Poster of Every day the poster moderators will choose one Poster of the Day the Day and from their respective poster session. All selected posters of the day Poster Awards will be relocated to a dedicated exhibition. Unlike all other posters, the Posters of the Day will be shown during the entire congress. Every day a jury will select the three most extra ordinary posters from the day’s best posters which will be awarded the EUR 500 DOG poster prize.

Compulsory Attendance

The primary authors of posters and lectures are obliged to attend the corresponding sessions. In exceptional cases the first author may be substituted by one of his/her co-authors. In this case the DOG office has to be notified accordingly. If an author does not hang his or her posterwithout having received permission not to hang it, or if an au thor does not attend his or her poster session without having received permission to be absent from it, or if the author fails to attend his or her lecture and/or if he or she fails to comply with another important obligation within the context of the scientific program without having received corresponding permission, the DOG reserves the right to not accept submissions from this person for the next congress.

Publication of Scientific Contributions

The DOG holds the copyright of accepted scientific contributions.
Authors of free papers in English language are therefore obliged to submit their manuscripts for review no later than 31. 1. 2023 to the editor of “Graefe’s Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology”. Authors may make an informal request to the Recording Secretary of the DOG to publish their presentation in another scientific journal.
Please contact
Authors are merely required to name the contribution and the journal in which it is to appear.
Submission is possible only online. For details, please see the following
website (