DOG 2024 (English)

Keynote Lectures

Among the undisputed highlights at DOG 2024 in Berlin are the Keynote Lectures. Three highly ranking experts will dedicate their 30-minute talks to topics of importance not only to ophthalmology but to medicine and society in general.

Keynote Lecture
Thursday, 10 October 2024

What have I learned about Fuchs Dystrophy
Albert S. Jun (Virginia, USA)

Keynote Lecture
Friday, 11 October 2024

Perfect Intraocular Lens Calculations: Are We There Yet?
Graham Barrett (Nedlands, Australia)

Keynote Lecture
Saturday, 12 October 2024

2-Photon Technology in Imaging and Functional Evaluation of the Retinafluencing survival in uveal melanoma patients
Krzysztof Palczewski (Irvine, USA)