DOG 2024 (English)

Transparency Code

The organizer of the industry exhibition INTERPLAN Congress, Meeting & Event Management AG, Office Hamburg reports, in accord with the transparency regulations of the FSA Codex and/or the AKG Guidelines:

Several of the exhibiting industrial enterprises subject themselves to common rules of the Freiwilligen Selbstkontrolle Arzneimittelindustrie e.V. (FSA) [Voluntary Self-Monitoring in the Pharmaceuticals Industry] and/or to the guidelines of the Arzneimittel und Kooperation im Gesundheitswesen e.V. (AKG) [Medicines and Cooperation in Healthcare]. The goal of these regulations is to transparently depict for the interested public the type and scope of financial outlays which the enterprises that belong to the FSA and/or the AKG contribute in the context of third parties’ continuing education events.

We would like to comply with this and therefore we publish here the sums that we billed to and received from the abovementioned enterprises for stand areas, symposiums, and advertising measures.

Interplan is certified as a MedTech Ethical Charter Trusted Partner. Interplan supports by offering the advantages to MedTech Europe member companies, medical societies, and conference venues.

a) The Trusted Partner will organize its Educational Events in accordance with the rules of the MedTech Europe Code.

b) The Trusted Partner will require that its employees and other individuals acting on its behalf comply with the MedTech Europe Code when interacting with medical technology industry in the Territory.

For further information, please see the website of Ethical MedTech and the Interplan COMPLIANCE Fundamentals.