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Information for Speakers and Chairs

Congress language

The congress languages are German and English. The language used in the presentation slides should correspond to the language of the presentation itself. For sessions conducted in German, please prepare the slides in German, and for English-language contributions, the slides should be prepared in English accordingly.

DOG on Demand

DOG on Demand is an internet portal that houses lectures and scientific contributions presented at the DOG congress, accessible to attendees at any time. Attendees can access presentation slides and original sound recordings, encompassing all congress contributions with author approval. Speakers must grant permission for their presentations to be included in DOG on Demand during the submission process, at the latest during the media check. It is possible to exclude specific elements, such as slides or tables, from appearing in DOG on Demand. The DOG expresses gratitude to all speakers who consent to including their presentations in DOG on Demand. Access to the portal is free of charge for DOG 2022 attendees, conveniently located adjacent to the DOG Lounge.

Time Allotments for Talks and Discussions

For free papers, the allocated time is 7 minutes, with an additional 2 minutes reserved for discussions. Videos are scheduled for 10 minutes, allowing 2 minutes for discussions. In symposia, the standard presentation time is set at 12 minutes, followed by 3 minutes for discussion, unless the session organizers specify otherwise. We kindly request strict adherence to this schedule. Presentations will be automatically concluded after the scheduled time, and any surpassing of speaking time will be indicated by visual signals.

Media Check

All presentations must be submitted at the Central Media Check at least 2 hours prior to the corresponding session. Speakers of early morning sessions (8:30 – 9:45) must submit their presentation on the evening prior to the presentation. In case of early morning sessions on Thursday, speakers are required to upload their presentations online before the start of the congress. Presentations can be submitted on-site using a USB stick or online before the congress. Online submission will be available through a designated link, which will be accessible from the beginning of September, approximately four weeks prior to the congress. Speakers will receive a separate email from M-Events Cross Media GmbH with access information and instructions regarding formats and codices. All speakers are requested to submit their presentations in MS PowerPoint format (16:9); presentations may include graphical, audio, and video content. It is important to embed fonts in the presentation. Speakers can review and make changes to their presentations at the Central Media Check. During the session, speakers will directly access their presentations at the speaker’s desk, and projection will be exclusively done via a projector. Please note that projecting slides or overhead transparencies is not possible. Due to technical limitations, the use of personal laptops will not be feasible. Please be aware that all stored data will be permanently deleted shortly after the Congress concludes.

Poster Exhibition and Poster Sizes

Posters will be categorized into groups based on their respective topics. Each poster will be showcased in the exhibition for one day. To display your poster, please hang it at the designated poster exhibition area between 7:00 and 8:00 on the day of your session. Authors are responsible for removing their posters between 17:30 and 18:30 on the same day. Any posters remaining after 18:30 will be taken down and discarded by the congress staff. If an author of a “Poster of the Day” is unable to retrieve his/her poster at the end of the congress, it will be removed by the congress staff. If you wish to have your poster sent back to you, please make a request, and it will be mailed accordingly. Please ensure that your poster adheres to the following dimensions: width: 90 cm, height: 120 cm (upright format). Adequate materials for mounting will be provided on-site, along with assistance if needed.

Poster Sessions

The Poster Sessions will be held from Thursday to Saturday, immediately after the lunch break, from 13:45 to 14:45, ensuring no overlapping events. Each author will present his/her findings in a concise three-minute presentation. Following the presentation, a discussion will be facilitated by two moderators. As it is essential for the primary author to be present during the Poster Session when his/her poster is being discussed, authors must join their respective poster groups at the specified time. Presentations can be delivered in either German or English. To provide an uninterrupted poster session experience, we offer headsets with receivers. The presentation by each author will be transmitted via radio frequency, and our staff will distribute the necessary equipment free of charge at various stations in the poster foyer. Please ensure that you arrive promptly before the start of the Poster Session. At the conclusion of the Poster Session, the equipment must be returned to the designated stations, where our staff will be available to collect it.

Poster of the Day & Poster Award

Every day, the poster moderators will carefully select one outstanding poster from each poster session as the “Poster of the Day.” These chosen posters will receive special recognition and be relocated to a dedicated exhibition area. Unlike the other posters, the Posters of the Day will be displayed throughout the entire duration of the congress, providing increased visibility. Additionally, a jury will evaluate the day’s best posters and select the top three most exceptional ones. These selected posters will be awarded the prestigious EUR 500 DOG poster prize.

Compulsory Attendance

The primary authors of posters and lectures are obliged to attend the respective sessions. However, in exceptional cases, the first author may be substituted by one of the co-authors. In such cases, it is necessary to notify the DOG office accordingly. Failure to hang a poster without permission, absence from a poster session without permission, failure to attend a lecture, or failure to fulfill other important obligations within the scientific program without permission may result in the DOG reserving the right to reject submissions from the individual for the next congress.

Publication of Scientific Contributions

The DOG retains the copyright for accepted scientific contributions. As a result, authors of free papers and posters are required to submit their manuscripts for review no later than January 31, 2024, to the respective editors of “Graefe’s Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology”, “Die Ophthalmologie”, or “Klinische Monatsblätter für Augenheilkunde“. Authors who intend to publish their presentations in another scientific journal can make an informal request to the Recording Secretary of the DOG. This request should be directed to the DOG Office and must specify the name of the journal where the publication is planned.

Help, inquiries and information

Please send any questions regarding submission and technical matters via email to For on-site assistance, please feel free to approach the staff at the media submission desk or the hostesses at the conference counter at any time.

Potential Conflicts of Interest

The DOG is committed to upholding independence, objectivity, diversity of opinion, and scientific excellence in all its activities. To ensure compliance with this principle, speakers at the DOG Congress are required to disclose any financial or other connections they may have with pharmaceutical, biotechnological, medical technology companies, consulting firms, or other organizations that may give rise to a potential conflict of interest. Authors are therefore requested to include a declaration of any potential conflicts of interest on their posters, including:

  1. Shareholdings in businesses, acting as a managing director or owner.
  2. Honoraria received for activities such as advisory board participation, lecturing, consulting, or appraisals.
  3. Participation in a study.
  4. Receipt of travel stipends or research grants.
  5. Holding patents, receiving licensing fees or royalties.

Please specify any potential conflicts of interest related to the categories listed above. If there are no potential conflicts of interest to disclose, please state “none.”

Here is an example of a possible statement to include on your poster:
Potential conflicts of interest: 1. none, 2. none, 3. Company ABC, Company GHI, 4. Company ABC, 5. None